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It’s always Islam 101, 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

The more people come to understand what Islam is all about, the more they come to loathe it.

First from Vlad: An astute reader of Vlad, Chris Jones, left a comment that is very likely the exact description and explanation, not to mention scriptural justification and historical precedent, for what they are planning to do to a certain class of people who may obstruct their rule.

  1. In the Sira, or biography of Mohamed, by Ibn Ishaq (980), and in Tabiri’s Tafsir (Vol. 8 Page 96), there is a detailed account of the murder of a woman by ripping her in half using camels.

Have ISIS found a sadistic new way to kill? Ominous warning of new video is released featuring prisoners surrounded by Islamists on horseback

The image featuring jihadis on horseback surfaced alongside warnings the group is set to reveal a 'new killing style'

The image featuring jihadis on horseback surfaced alongside warnings the group is set to reveal a ‘new killing style’

  • New poster surfaces purporting to show jihadis carrying out execution
  • It is claimed the bloodthirsty extremists have developed a ‘new killing style’
  • The photograph shows prisoners surrounded by jihadis on horseback

Warnings have emerged of an impending Islamic State video that will reveal a ‘new killing style’ featuring jihadis on horseback.

A poster for the forthcoming video shows prisoners wearing orange jumpsuits surrounded by a framework of poles and militants gathered on horses.

It was posted with a warning the bloodthirsty group are planning to reveal a ‘new killing style’ – in addition to the varying types of executions it already carries out across Iraq and Syria.

ISIS rarely release such videos in full without warning – they instead prefer to drip feed the release in order to gain exposure.

The image surfaced on social media ahead of an impending release of the full execution video, it was claimed, with the word ‘soon’ written on in Arabic on the poster.

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