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Jari Sarasvuo is one of Finland’s more high profile business entrepreneurs, who was the first host of the Donald Trump ”The Apprentice” series in Finland. In a Helsingin Sanomat televised discussion panel, he had the following words to say about upholding our values and culture vis-a-vis Islam, the very same we in the Counter-Jihad have been saying for years.

Sarasvuo HSTV Journal: Should have courage to protect Finnish culture from Islam


Entrepreneur Jari Sarasvuo believes that there must be courage to defend Finnish culture from Islamic culture.

“There must be courage in deeming Finnish and Western culture as being better than, for example, the Islamic culture,” says Sarasvuo in HSTV’s debate.

According to Sarasvuo, western culture is better than islam, which is held as a hostage by religion in a cruel way, because among other things, western culture is more humane with punishments for crime.

“It does not make me a racist, a nazi or right-wing, if I think that we have achieved a lot from the paths of the Enlightenment and Western human thinking and that its achievements must be protected. All opinions are not of equal value,” Sarasvuo says.

In HSTV’s great discussion on apathy, the ways to approach the refugee crisis and Islam were considered. In addition to Sarasvuo the other guests were philosophers Maija-Riitta Ollila and Jari Ehrnrooth.

Ehrnrooth believes that the West lulls itself too much in that other cultures want to achieve the western model.

“When you go to look at Islamic countries, from the inside out, it’s just not there, they do not want to follow suit. We should wake up to defend our culture,” Ehrnrooth says.

In Sarasvuo’s view there is an unending debate on values in Finland, when on the other hand, there should be solutions.

Sarasvuo views the debate as a trade in principles, not in the exchanging of ideals, nor encounters in which both sides get richer.

“We need to get past the overly hygienic idea that we should not stand for that which is actually better,” says Sarasvuo.

Ollila points out that the maintenance of other cultures at bay due to the welcoming atmosphere and fear.


H/T: Vasara Hammer Translation: TT

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