Finnish Immigration Concerns


Irrational PC crowd: Hey Forssa, when did you stop beating your wives?

It’s always about racism, the Left is always infatuated with it, whether they’re imposing it upon people, or supposedly defending people from it.

NOTE: The message domestic mudslinging has taken its toll however, the mayor is shoving the city council under the bus in a statement where he insists that he’s in favor of accepting supposed refugees.

  • Finnish President Sauli Niinistö: “The humanity and honour of civilised people demand that we help these people. On the other hand, the instability in the Middle East and Africa can’t be solved by relocating an ever-larger group of people to Europe,”

Denying asylum seekers not racist, says Forssa councillor

Next to the Niinistö story in Helsingin Sanomat is a news item about Forssa, the Finnish town that has refused to accept 250 emergency asylum seekers into a former hotel that stands empty. According to city councillor Johanna Häggman (Centre Party), “The fact that we were not willing to accommodate emergency housing for asylum seekers at this point does not mean that this is a racist town.”

Meanwhile, the Red Cross says that no other city or town in Finland has opposed accepting emergency asylum housing as strongly as Forssa. Town residents have organised demonstrations both against and in favour of taking in refugees. Häggman, however, told Helsingin Sanomat that she opposed the aid because it would overburden the town. “Our own situation is very challenging right now. We don’t have the resources for this,” she said.

Reportedly, Forssa Mayor Sami Sulkko is disappointed in the the city council’s decision to refuse the refugees: “I thought it would be important for Forssa to react quickly, take part and carry their own share of responsibility. This would have also brought some zing to the area and its economy.”


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