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Thai police explore Uygur plot in Bangkok blast as police hunt for ‘foreign’ suspect, two others

Intelligence sent to Thai officials indicate Chinese tourists are possible targets

The probe on who could be behind the deadly blast in central Bangkok is focusing on a revenge motive by Uygur militants as it has now emerged that Thai authorities received intelligence that Chinese tourists could be a target of attacks.

This comes as Bangkok police on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant for “foreign man” – possibly from Europe or the Middle East –  seen in footage of the blast, after revealing a sketch of the prime suspect showing a man with fair complexion, dark hair and spectacles.

“He had white skin and must have been a European or have mixed blood, perhaps with Middle Eastern blood,” police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said.

Thai police say they are looking for two other male suspects captured on CCTV footage near the scene of the bomb blast, bringing the number of suspects police have said they are actively looking for to three.

“The person in red and the person in white are also suspects,” Prawut said in a televised interview, referring to two men seen in grainy closed-circuit television footage along with a man in a yellow T-shirt who police believe is linked to the attack.

Thai police are looking for two other male suspects, one dressed in red and another in white, captured on CCTV footage milling around the main suspect near the scene of the Bangkok blast. Photo: SCMP Pictures A Bangkok Post report today quoting sources said that the investigations were centring on this theory even as police said they were searching for a man wearing a yellow T-shirt and carrying a backpack who set off the explosion in Erawan Shrine on Monday night killing 20 people and injuring 125.

The newspaper also said that police deployed more officers to the Chinese embassy in Bangkok after it made a request two weeks ago.

And in the most stunning revelation yet, the paper said: “Intelligence from the Special Branch also suggested there could be an attack on Chinese tourists after August 11.”

Thailand has a small community of Uygur migrants. Uygurs are a Turkic-speaking, mainly Muslim ethnic group in China’s far west.

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