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Follow the link to EOZ’s blog post and see for yourself how A.I. are proven liars, and an untrustworthy source that every media org should avoid like the plague.

I had my own run in with Finland’s own branch of A.I, Frank ”Israel is a scum state” Johansson, who in spite of apologizing to the then Israeli ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot – due to a Tundra Tabloids’ report – still nonetheless proved himself to be a biased source against Israel during his initial defence of his blogpost.

FM: The Elder of Ziyon:

Proven liars at Amnesty say my research is not credible without pointing out a single error

An EoZ reader wrote to Amnesty International with a series of questions. An excerpt:

I can see that the information provided in the [Gaza] platform has been collected from Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and yourselves. Could you not at least have pretended to be in any way balanced by providing input from the most left-leaning Israeli groups such as B’tselem when putting this data together? If you really had wished to take an impartial look at these incidents, you could have also included data from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre who have looked through various war crimes allegations in Gaza last year and provided a different version of events to what Al Mezan and the PCHR have claimed. I must also refer you to the Elder of Ziyon blog which has consistently highlighted claims of war crimes on “innocent civilians” (many included in the platform) where it is known that terrorists were present at that location and time. Here are some of these documented cases:


Amnesty’s response did not address the research done by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre which exhaustively documented hundreds of terrorists, many of which Amnesty’s Gaza Platform called “civilian.” The UNHRC quoted the Meir Amit Center a number of times in their report but apparently it is too unreliable for Amnesty.

B’Tselem also noticed militants that Amnesty pretended didn’t exist. I documented one, Ahmad Sahmoud, here, Although the Gaza Platform did count him as a militant, Amnesty quoted family members as saying that there were no militants in the area without pointing out that they were lying – and Amnesty knew they were lying.

But there are other examples of B’Tselem being more honest than Amnesty:

  • Amnesty says Amjad Zaher Moussa Hamdan was a civilian. B’Tselem reported he was a militant. (GP event 1190)
  • Amnesty says that Mohammed Mahmoud al-Maqadma was a civilian. B’Tselem knew he was a militant. (GP event 2264.)
  • Amnesty said that Yazid al Batsh was a civilian. B’Tselem reported him as a militant. (GP event 1619.) Six other from that family were also terrorists, as I have shown.
  • Amnesty said Wissam ‘Abdul Raziq al-Ghannam was a civilian,. B’Tselem knew he was a militant. (GP event 1405.)
  • Amnesty says Ashraf Mahmoud Al Astal was a civilian. B’Tselem knows he was a terrorist. (GP event 2584.)
(There were a couple of others that B’Tselem identified that I couldn’t find immediately in Amnesty’s Gaza Platform.)

So the letter writer was right – Amnesty ignored even B’Tselem’s reports that shows some of their “civilians” were terrorists.

All of this information was published by B’Tselem over a year ago. Amnesty’s researchers did not deem it important enough to incorporate into their Gaza Platform.

Now, Amnesty’s dismissal of my research is interesting. In order for them to say I’m not credible, they must have read my research and pretended that my facts, all with supporting evidence in the form of links to source materials in militant websites or videos, are not true.

This proves that Amnesty is familiar with my articles and cannot argue with them. They cannot find any fault in my facts. So they try to discredit me without giving an iota of proof.

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