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I agreed with his policies 90%.

I went one notch further than him on multiple occasions.

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Do you agree with Olli Immonen – compare your values in the HS test

True Finns MP Olli Immonen.
Finns Party MP Olli Immonen.

Finns MP Olli Immonen has been in recent weeks prominently in the public debate. The rumors began when Immonen wrote in  a Facebook post that he dreamed of defeating the “multiculturalism nightmare”. Dozens of politicians took a stand and held, in several locations, demonstrations in favor of a pluralistic Finland .

[TT: Officially, they were standing up for the ideology of multiculturalism, in which the immigrant is not expected to assimilate into society, that competing cultures exist within the Finnish state. If you ask many Finns however, they describe ”multiculturalism” in the exact way of the melting pot that many Finns Party MP’s and members believe in.]

Later, the media has also raised the issue of Immonen posing with neo-Nazis. Last weekend, Iltalehti published an article, which studied more extensively Immonen contacts with neo-Nazis.

[TT: He (Immonen) vehemently denies any contacts with neo-Nazis]

President of the Finns Party, Timo Soini, has condemned violence in his blog and the Finns party leadership assistant Matti Putkonen has accused the media of hunting down and black balling.

Olli Immonen himself has been silent outside his own social media channels, and not commented on the matter to the media.

Helsingin Sanomat’s electoral machine based on it test you can now try out, do you agree with Olli Immonen on key political and value related issues.

Answer the 12 questions below, so you can get the electoral machine’s estimate on your opinion. For every question you can also see how Olli Immonen has responded to the electoral machine.

More here in Finnish at the HS

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