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What Kind of War is This?

Fjordman and I need assistance from the distributed intelligence of Gates of Vienna readers.

It all started this morning in several different skype conversations. KGS of Tundra Tabloids tipped me to a story about the stealth importation of Third-World immigrants into a small Finnish village. I remarked that it sounded just like the Refugee Resettlement program here in the USA. It’s uncanny the way exactly the same thing is done everywhere, all across the West. Hostile alien groups are being imported en masse, without the knowledge of the citizenry and against their will. As KGS says, “BLAM! …in your face and nothing you can do about it.”

Also in Finland, a leftist professor has demanded that the Finns party — Finland’s immigration-critical party — not be allowed access to public schools. It’s an example of the way the process of demonization is moving ahead in Finland, very much like the trashing of Sverigedemokraterna by the Swedish government and media. The only difference is that the Finns party became much more mainstream than the SD did before the demonization hit.

It’s as if Finland is saying: “We want to be just like Sweden! It worked so well for them, why not for us?”

Meanwhile, Fjordman sent this note, referring to an article (in Swedish) in Fria Tider:

“In the Multicultural Stockholm suburb of Tensta, 20-30 people abused a person they believed to be a policeman. It is very significant that even Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s largest newspaper, now warns against a possible civil war in Sweden.”

I remarked that it’s not really a civil war. A civil war is an internal war within the same nation and ethnicity. We don’t really have a word for this new kind of war, and we need one. We need a term that could be defined as “a stealth invasion by an enemy, aided by the leadership of the invaded country, with massive infiltration at all levels of society, provoking violent conflict.”

The English Civil War of the 17th century would fit the standard definition of “civil war”. And Fjordman notes: “The Spanish Civil War in the 1930s was a civil war in the more narrow sense, fought for ideological reasons.”

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