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Cloak and dagger mentality.

They’re now keeping it all quiet, not telling the townspeople about their plans in advance, no town hall meetings, just de facto ”asylum seekers” in their own backyards without any ”by-your-leave”. Tyrannical yes, but what do you think happens in a state where people have long since handed over their liberty?

– At that point I was wondering a little bit about what this means, until I then noticed after a short while when small City of Helsinki, mini-buses, began to bring the people. That evening, a neighbor said out loud in bewilderment how the premises had about 150 asylum-seekers and they were all men, Martikainen says, adding that as soon as Friday they brought the rest of the asylum seekers to the Evitskog premises .

250 asylum-seekers were brought surprisingly to a Finnish village – “They just popped out of nowhere”


A temporary reception center was set up on private property in Active Centre Ltd’s premises in Kirkkonummi Evitskog last week.

Asylum seekers ~ The accommodation of some 250 asylum-seekers confused the village of about 650 inhabitants of Kirkkonummi Evitskog. The new temporary reception center facility is located further along the road about three kilometers from the village center. According to the Finnish Immigration Service, the premises can accommodate up to 280 people.

– The fact is that, here, no one knew anything about it. These people, asylum seekers, popped out from nowhere. Kirkkonummi municipality said that information about the new reception center become known the only last Monday, says Tuija Martikainen, a resident Evitskog.

– There is now a terribly confused, angry and fearful residents, says Martikainen.

A temporary reception center was set up on private property in Active Centre Ltd’s premises last week.Kirkkonummi Sanomat has learned that Kirkkonummi Mayor, Tarmo Aarnio became aware of a new temporary reception center last Monday, when the first asylum seekers were transferred to the premises on Thursday.

More here in Finnish as Uusi Suomi H/T: Jukka Ketonen

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