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And they’ll be struggling to accommodate their parents, aunts and uncles and cousins in the very near future.

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Emergency call for help as refugee children rise

Emergency call for help as refugee children rise
Published: 19 Aug 2015 07:54 GMT+02:00
Swedish authorities need to work more closely together to deal with an “extraordinary” surge in refugee children, the head of Sweden’s migration board has said.

More children than ever are travelling unaccompanied to Sweden and Anders Danielsson, the country’s migration board chief has issued a heartfelt plea for Swedes to “all do the best we can” to help cope with the influx.

In an open letter on the agency’s website, he argues that there needs to be better cooperation between municipalities, local councils, police, and Sweden’s children’s ombudsman to help come up with creative solutions to quickly provide the children with safe homes.

“We have to solve this task…An extraordinary situation requires extraordinary solutions,” he said, admitting that the surge in arrivals had put pressure on officials.

Recent reports in the Swedish media have suggested that staff at many asylum processing centres are working long hours to deal with a backlog of cases. Swedish unions have also claimed that new, inexperienced staff brought in to help with the workload are struggling in their new roles.

Sweden welcomes more children than any other EU country, with around 12,000 expected to arrive in Sweden in 2015, without a parent, guardian or older sibling.

Last year, 7049 children travelled solo to Sweden and sought asylum, an increase of more than 80 percent on 2013.

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