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The authorities are still keeping their cards close to the chest, no word yet on who exactly was behind the bombing of the internationally famous Bangkok shrine.

Woman was seen placing bag in Bangkok shrine minutes before bomb exploded killing 21, Thai police say – as terrifying new footage emerges captured by tourist filming from walkway above

Bangkok bombing suspect 'identified' from CCTV says Thai leader

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A woman was reportedly seen placing a bag inside a Bangkok shrine just 15 minutes before a bomb exploded killing at least 21 people and leaving ‘bodies everywhere’. Police are said to be treating the woman, who was overheard speaking in Thai, as a possible suspect after she allegedly left a bag in the Erawan shrine (pictured centre and right, the morning after the blast) just minutes before it was decimated by a bomb at around 7pm local time on Monday night.

Terrifying footage captured on a mobile phone from a walkway above the shrine shows the moment the bomb exploded (left). The person who filmed the video struggles to keep hold of the phone as the bridge is rocked by the sheer force of the blast and terrified pedestrians scramble for cover. Paramedics at the scene have likened the carnage to a ‘meat market’ with ‘bodies everywhere’. Police also revealed another two bombs were found at the scene but had not been detonated.

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