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There are claims going around that one of the victims was beheaded, and that Swedish officials are covering it up, as well as the media. I have no way of knowing that for sure. All I have is a distant picture of the scene that ”looks like” a detached head, but no way knowing for sure.

NOTE: No telling if he followed the two to Sweden just to murder them. This should be a wake up call to authorities as to the danger open ended ”asylum/refugee” polices can be, especially in light of islamic state threats to Europe.

ikea decapitation

Man, 36, admits double stabbing at Swedish Ikea

Man, 36, admits double stabbing at Swedish Ikea

Police officers at Västmanland District Court where hearings took place on Thursday. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Published: 13 Aug 2015 07:04 GMT+02:00

The older man had been in hospital since Monday but regained consciousness and was able to participate in his court hearing via telephone link, where he confessed to the double murder.
The prosecutor had initially asked to remand both men in custody on suspicion of murder, but on Thursday afternoon a revised request was presented, asking to have the younger man arrested only as an accomplice to murder.
Västmanland District Court decided just after 4.30pm that the 23-year-old should not remain in police custody while investigations continue.

NOTE: Once again Nigel Farage explains why:

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