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A small country like this simply can’t handle the number and the problems that comes with it.

“Already 500 applications a week” – the number of asylum seekers is growing faster than ever

Finland has 16 reception centers. One of them is Metsälä, Helsinki, which also serves as the Finnish Immigration Service detention unit.

Johanna Erjonsalo

During the summer, the number of people seeking asylum in Finland has continued to grow rapidly. Asylum Unit Director Esko Repo, of the Finnish Immigration Service says that in July there were more applicants than ever before in a single month.

1 479 applications were recorded in July. The amount began to speed up in June, when 770 applications were received.

– 70 to 90 applications are now coming each day. By far the greatest number of applicants are from Iraq and Somalia.In the spring asylum seekers were also coming from Albania, but now it has decreased, Repo says.

By last Sunday the number of asylum applications filed were 4 681. It is more than 1 000 more than in the whole of last year, when the number of applicants was 3 651.

If the quantities remain along the numbers of July, ie 500 applications per week, applicants could grow by end of the year to about 4 000.

However, Repo does not want to predict how a large number of applicants for the full year will grow.

– It is impossible to predict how the situation will change in the future. This is now a reality with which we are living with, says Repo.

The majority of applications for asylum are left in the large metropolitan cities as well as in Turku, Finland.

More here in Finnish. H/T: Jukka Ketonen

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