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The measures meted out against the perceived violators of islamic norms usually hit the weakest of society, women, minorities and the infirmed.

This is Islam 101, this is sharia law, and wherever sharia law is declared the de facto law of the land, in some form or another, gross violations of human civil rights occur. Street vigilantism takes over when the state is not enforcing the entirety of the sharia, with the state either turning a blind eye to the atrocities, or handing out watered down sentences.

NOTE: Remember folks, these women face an inhuman existence if victimized by family members (or highly regarded friends of the family) who rape them. They are the ones who bear the supposed shame of ”enticing” the male to rape them and on the receiving end of whatever that society has in store for them.

From Gates:

Czechs Protest the Stoning of Women Under Islam

Popular sentiment against further Muslim immigration into the Czech Republic is increasing. The latest manifestation of resistance is a series of exhibits in the public parks of Prague, featuring veiled female effigies representing women who have been stoned to death under Islam.

Our Czech correspondent Margita, who sent the tip about the article, includes this note:

It appears that the Czechs continue to be ‘original’ in their fight against Islam. When talking to my friends they all seem to be pretty suspicious about the ‘religion of peace’…

The following report was published at České It’s refreshing to read that the police in Prague “have not come across any breach of the law” on the part of those who created the exhibits. What a far cry from the oppressive situation in Sweden or the UK!

Statues of Stoned Women Are in Prague in Protest Against Islam

Prague — The followers of the We Do Not Want Islam in the Czech Republic and the Bloc Against Islam groups this morning installed the torsos of the women stoned to death in order to warn of the danger of Islam, Prague police spokesman Tomas Hulan has told journalists.

The effigies covered by white cloths tainted with colour as blood and surrounded by stones have appeared in a number of places in Prague, Hulan said.

The police are dealing with the affair, but they have not come across any breach of the law, he added.

The installations include the captions such as “Pregnant after Rape” or “She was unfaithful” pointing out the alleged reasons for being stoned to death.

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