Racial Issues Racism or not Sweden


Yup, it’s here as well.

I think it’s racism on behalf of the immigrant who doesn’t want to be seen with a lighter bandage.

The Swedish pharmacies plasters racism scandal: “It’s a bit embarrassing”


All shapes and sizes, but only one color patches.Shutterstock

The Swedish pharmacies accused of racism, because even if patches are available at any shape and size, skin-colored patches may be in only one shade – beige.

Anti-racism activists in Sweden have accused the pharmacies of racism because of their skin color patches are available only to selections in beige tones.

Paula Dahlberg formerly from Columbia says in beige-colored patches are an example of daily racism. In a Swedish radio interview Dahlberg told how the problem is forcing her to look for bright plasters.

MTV3 H/T: Jukka Ketonen

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