Finland Whining Arabs Whining Bastards


Looks like ”racist Finland” not so bad after all.

The question is, will the professional paleostinian whiner make her way back to Finland (hopefully not) or stay put. If not for the fake media of YLE, this voice box of whine and complaint would be reduced to a distant memory, but ”she’s one of theirs” so her puss is back on the TV screen and in articles on the net.

NOTE: What she says towards the end is proof that reasonable and managed immigration (a quota system) is a must in order for immigrants to be successfully integrated into society. This miscreant and malconent however, well, let her remain outside of Finland, forever.

H/T: Jukka Ketonen

Umayya Abu-Hanna who left Finland on ‘Good Morning Finland’ program: “Six months sitting on the couch crying”

Umayya Abu-Hanna.
. Umayya Abu-Hanna (PHOTO: Jussi Nukari )


Journalist and writer Umayya Abu-Hanna told MTV3’s Good Morning Finland on Tuesday morning that she finds her eight year old daughter had grown outside of Finland.
– My girl is singing loudly and talking to other people. I love that she has not learned to fear and to be aware of when she’ll be smacked down, Umayya Abu-Hanna said to Good Morning Finland on Tuesday morning.
Abu-Hanna adopted her child from South Africa in 2007. –
She likes to be in Finland, but knows that she wasn’t raised here.
Born in Israel, Abu-Hanna moved to Finland in 1981. Five years ago she moved from Finland to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. In December of 2012 Abu-Hanna wrote in the Helsingin Sanomat that she had experienced racism in Finland. The writing spawned a fuss.
Abu-Hanna says to Good Morning Finland that she was amazed that the text aroused such a strong reaction.
– Many argued that I was lying or that I went crazy.

“Six months sitting on the couch and crying”

A couple of years ago in the article Abu-Hanna described Amsterdam’s multi-cultural atmosphere and Finland’s blooming ‘resentment towards foreigners’.

“”In Finland, it is thought that diversity must be fought against because it creates inequality. Equality in turn generates similarity, “Abu-Hanna wrote.
On Tuesday, Abu-Hanna told Good Morning Finland, that in the Netherlands, as an immigrant she’s experienced problems with integration.
– For six months I sat on the couch and cried.
– It’s extremely difficult to learn the ways of a new country. I still do not even speak Dutch.
According to Abu-Hanna, the recent public debate on multiculturalism has brought to the surface attitudes that have bubbled below the surface in the past.

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