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They (western big business/state governments) repeat history with these islamonazis, this is why they are eager for the sanctions to end, they are salivating over potential big profits in new deals with these islamonazis, it couldn’t be anymore clear to me.

After nuke deal, European companies rush into Iran to sell tools of oppression


The lifting of international sanctions on Iran has triggered a stampede of European companies beating a path to Tehran to secure contracts, but some of the equipment being offered has dark, dual purposes in the hands of the Islamic Republic’s oppressive government.

The cranes made by Austrian manufacturer Palfinger could be used to transform Tehran’s skyline, but also have played a starring role in Iran’s infamous public executions, where convicted criminals are often hanged from the giant booms high above public squares. German company Herrenknecht, whose senior officials visited the Iranian capital last month, makes industrial drilling rigs critics say could be used to nestle nuclear facilities deep inside mountains. Other companies lining up to do business with the mullahs make equipment that also could be used against Iran’s enemies – or its populace.

“It reminds me of the economy and the industry of the Third Reich,” said Ariel Muzicant, vice president of Europe’s Jewish Congress.

“I am glad to help you with my tunnel boring machines.”

– Martin Herrenknecht, founder of German company, to Iranian mayor

Palfinger gained widespread notoriety after one of its cranes, identifiable by the company name and logo, was shown in a widely-distributed photo by award-winning photographer Ebrahim Noroozi hoisting the lifeless body of a condemned man. The graphic picture, coupled with company CEO Herbert Ortner’s remark to the Austria Press Agency that Iran is a “promising market,” with strong demand for cranes and no domestic competition, generated debate in Europe.

”Palfinger is one example, which clearly shows, that Austrian companies do not care at all about the disastrous human rights situation when it comes to doing business in Iran,” Stefan Schaden, spokesman for the Vienna-based activist group Stop the Bomb, told “In fact they support the regime and its inhuman policies as long as it serves their profit interests.”

Stop the Bomb, an organization devoted to preventing an Iranian nuclear program and improving human rights in its Islamic Sharia law controlled-society, launched a campaign to bar Palfinger from re-entering the market.

Palfinger spokesman Hannes Roither told that despite Ortner’s comment, the company is not seeking to do business in Iran. He said the crane in the infamous picture was built 27 years ago in Iran under a since-canceled licensing deal.

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