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The fake journos over at the publicly funded news broadcaster don’t even realize the cognitive dissonance in their own headlines. Didn’t even think to ask her how integration should be achieved within the multicultural dynamic that doesn’t require foreigners to integrate.

Somalia’s lone female presidential candidate mulls Finland’s “failed integration policies”

News flash for YLE: ”Failed integration” is in fact full throated multiculturalism, where supposedly peoples of different cultures float around together in a sea of tranquility and harmony, from each according to their own ethnicity, to each according to their own culture.

Somali-Finn Fadumo Dayib is looking to make history by becoming Somalia’s first female president. Dayib, who holds masters’ degrees in health care, public health and public administration, is currently a PhD researcher at University of Helsinki. She recently spoke with Yle News about the heated debate arising from anti-multicultural statements by Finns Party MP Olli Immonen, what she calls Finland’s failed integration policies and its flawed discourse about migrants.

Video: Somali-Finn Fadumo Dayib


— “If migrants were to leave, Immonen and the True Finns would have no traction in Finnish politics. They came into office on xenophobic rhetoric. This is their business. It puts bread on their table. Their affiliation with hate forums, Nazi groups and bigotry is common knowledge and highly alarming,” she said.

[TT: False. The Finns Party has wide attraction for its anti-EU views as well. Having negative views on mass migration, multiculturalism, and speaking about them openly, is what living in a representative open democracy is supposed to be all about, not just promoting status quo’s viewpoints that twirl around in an endless echo chamber. Dayib is an ignorant boob.]

— “I believe that the fact Immonen is an MP and that he’s making such irresponsible statements have legitimately opened the doors for hate crimes. I believe that if the government does not take a strong stance on this, that the peaceful Finland we know will be but a distant memory,” she remarked.

[TT: False. Immonen’s statements are carefully weighed out opinions, on the disaster that the proponents of multiculturalism have foisted upon their perspective societies throughout Europe. One burning suburb after the other is living proof of the debacle. The more Finland introduces into its society multiculti nutjobs like Dayib, the worse it is for the Finnish state.

— “Nowadays integration has become a million-euro business. People have their own projects without measurable impact and the majority of those who benefit are Finns, not migrants.”

[TT: False. The Finnish taxpayer props the whole mess of multiculturalism up, being forced to fund every single jackass of a program and policy, and then gets a shiv between the shoulderblades by the very same people brought to this country, who label them as ”racist”, ”xenophobe”, ”bigoted and Islamophobic” for simply asking these people to live by the laws of the land. Stop pushing your culture on us, for it is you who chose to live with us, not the other way around.]

— ”We are rehashing the same integration policies year in, year out, yet we see they haven’t yielded results. Why should government spend this money on something that’s not productive? We need to go back to the drawing board instead of blaming migrants for these failed policies.”

[TT: False. What we are hashing out are objections to multiculturalism, something that you champion, though you call for integration which is diametrically opposed to the ideology of multiculturalism. You show yourself to be a fraud, you don’t either understand the words you’re using, or are being disingenuous in their use which makes you a fraud.]

— “There’s a condescending way of looking at people to say they’re not capable of being productive citizens. The system allows one to be on welfare for 20 years. No one wants to be on welfare. People want to be appreciated, respected, self-sufficient, productive,” she stated.

 — “It is a myth that people want to live off the system. This is a certain rhetoric used by some politicians, but no one wants to be on welfare. Integration policies have failed. We need to re-evaluate the system,” the recent Harvard graduate  added.

[TT: False. Now you’re disparaging huge portions of Finnish society, using the very same wide brush that you blame The Finns party for using (they don’t). Most Finns look with respect upon people who refuse to milk the system, who strive to be better than what they came here as. Then in a striking display of cognitive dissonance, you say no one is coming here to seek welfare, then admit that the system allows for them to be on it for 20 years! Which is it genius? Damned either which way!]

— “This thing of looking at human beings as numbers is really shocking. More than a million Finns have gone abroad as economic refugees; no one keeps track of that. They’re going abroad because they can’t find jobs. Ultimately no one wants to leave their country, they’re forced to. Finland should do what they signed up to,” she said.

[TT: False. Most Finns who left Finland for America did so when the States hadn’t developed a welfare state, they did not live off subsidies, they worked wherever they could, and thrived. If Finns are leaving now in search of employment, its done the legal way, and have valid professions, unlike the overwhelming majority of illiterates flooding Europe’s borders from failed states. A mighty big difference.]

Dayib charged that the failure of Finnish integration policies are reflected in the Tapanila case, in which four young men with migrant backgrounds were given suspended prison sentences for rape.

“If you don’t give people the tools you have no right to demand anything from them. The fact that you gave me the opportunity to be in Finland isn’t the end, it should be the beginning. That’s where the work starts,” she observed.

Dayib noted though, that following the incident she had been targeted for what some saw as a lenient stance on the rape case. However she stressed that she did not condone the act.

“What I find shocking is for a Finnish judge to say that what happened was a mild form of rape. How can you use the words mild and rape in the same sentence?”

[TT: What do you expect after years of multiculti indoctrination and PS intimidation? The judge is handing out justice according to how leftists like Dayib think. They’re foreigners, or of immigrant extraction (especially if they’re not white like myself) so the sentence is lightened. can’t be too hard on them now can we, that would be inviting charges of ”racism” from the very same blowhard being interviewed by YLE.]

The intrepid activist said little had materialised despite political rhetoric about integration spouted over the past 25 years. She called for comprehensive integration programmes that would teach migrants not only the Finnish language, but how Finnish society functions, including its values and principles. This she said, would take upwards of one year.

[TT: Intrepid. Yeah, that’s what YLE now calls the marxist posterchildren of the multiculti project. Intrepid!]

She also called for politicians and groups that use xenophobic rhetoric to move away from a culture of ascribing blame toward finding solutions to the problems the country now faces.

Sources Yle News

NOTE: It’s a fact that people use refugee/asylum status as well as normal immigration for social welfare services, if not for these publicly funded social programs they wouldn’t be heading this way. Sweden is the top destination, and Finland further down the ladder of importance due to the difficulty in language.

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