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But the plundering of wealth of others and butchering those that object, police state, gulags, planned mass starvation, genocide of ”racial trash”, well, that’s alright.

Also, check out the squiggly under the pics of the famous commie bastards. Totalitarians unite!

– This event was arranged on the behalf of love and for equality, which emphasizes the fact that all parties should commit themselves to fight against discrimination, bullying and racism, described the chairman of the Greens Party, Ville Niinistö, who participated in the demonstration. YLE

Yeah, feel that totalitarian love.

Hundreds gathered in protest against racism the city center of Turku

Turku diversity rally coincides with Finns Party meet – Soini says no room for extremists in party

Rasisminvastainen mielenosoitus Turussa.

Image: Minna Rosvall / Yle

Several hundred people rallied in a peaceful demonstration against racism in Turku’s city centre on Saturday. The rally was organised to coincide with the Finns Party’s congress meeting in the same city.

The peaceful demonstration began at 4pm on Saturday, drawing as many as 1,000 participants to Turku’s central market square.

By contrast, several days ago the Finns Party announced the cancellation of its own marketplace event, claiming fear of harassment. This public rally, at least, provided little cause for alarm.

According to Yle’s Turku-based reporter Minna Rosvall the atmosphere at the event was positive and non-threatening. According to reports, many overseers were present to ensure the orderly nature of the rally, and Turku’s multicultural immigrant population was well represented.

Soini condemns hate speech in party address

Meanwhile, behind closed doors in the same city, the Finns Party was celebrating its 20th anniversary.

At the party congress, leader and Foreign Affairs Minister Timo Soini was also willing to say a few words on what is currently a hot topic – in his main address, Soini condemned hate speech and said that extremists have no place in the party.

In the same speech he congratulated loyalists on the success of the party, referring to it as “Finnish politics’ greatest success story.”

The leader’s address comes amidst heavy scrutiny on the populist party for a perceived failure to penalize party MPs for racists outbursts or irresponsible behaviour.

The Turku rally was related to the much larger scale “We have a Dream” demonstration. Sparked by Finns MP Olli Immonen’s social media call to arms against multiculturalism, that rally drew more than 15,000 people in Helsinki over a week ago.

Meanwhile, another rally is slated for Wednesday in Jyväskylä, the site of a recent riot by members of a neo-Nazi group with whom Immonen posed for a photo in June.

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