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No, they weren’t just ”taken down” as The Local reports, they were in fact ripped down by a baying mob and then ripped apart.


“On Wednesday afternoon SL confirmed that the posters would not be put up again for security reasons.

It’s purely a safety assessment. Yesterday a bunch of protesters came down into the underground and jumped up on the parapets at the escalators. That involves a risk, both to potential activists, but also to other travellers passing by,” SL spokesman Jesper Pettersson told the TT newswire.

No, it’s political expediency for them to declare ”it’s safety assessment”, they found an out, and thereby award mob behavior with appeasing to their demands. This is Sweden, and its been seen before, where peaceful pro-Israel supporters were removed from their designated spot (complete with a permit) and the roaring crowd of hostiles who threw rocks, bottle rockets and water bottles at the assembly allowed to stay and cheer.

Swedish anti-begging posters taken down

Swedish anti-begging posters taken down

The posters were torn down by protesters. Photo: Pi Frisk/SvD/TT

Published: 05 Aug 2015 08:44 GMT+02:00

The ad campaign by the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party, which is aimed at tourists, includes images of people sleeping on the streets and huge signs in English apologizing for begging in the capital.

“Sorry about the mess here in Sweden. We have a serious problem with forced begging! International gangs profit from people’s desperation. Our goverment [sic] won’t do what’s needed,” read messages on billboards above the escalators at Stockholm’s Östermalmstorg station before they were taken down.

On Tuesday evening around 1,000 protesters gathered at the Norrmalmstorg square in central Stockholm to voice their outrage both at the anti-immigration Sweden Democrat party and at Stockholm’s public transport company SL for allowing the posters to be displayed.

The demonstration went peacefully, but at the end a number of protesters stormed the Östermalmstorg station to tear down the anti-begging messages.

On Wednesday afternoon SL confirmed that the posters would not be put up again for security reasons.

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