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Be prepared for mobs taking the streets once again.

Disturbing: A preview of WHAT #BlackLivesMatter has in store for the GOP convention

A few days ago, LU contributor Joe Newby reported on the threat from Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, to “shut down the GOP convention.”

Now you’ll get to see, as Paul Harvey might say, the rest of the story.

About the time Joe was reporting on Cullors’s threat, the website 100%FedUp was posting an in-depth treatment of video footage from the Black Lives Matter protest at the NetRoots Nation gathering in Phoenix, the weekend of 18-19 July.

The previous coverage of this protest, aired in a few mainstream media outlets (e.g., MSNBC and NPR), focused on the stage area, where former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, candidate for the Democratic nomination, was trapped in uneasy silence while the yelling occurred.  This MSM coverage showed very little (if any) of what’s in the floor-level video embedded in the 100%FedUp post.

100%FedUp describes it as follows:

In rarely seen angle on the Black Lives Matter mob takeover of a NetRoots Nation Presidential Town Hall last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, activists from the group scream explicit calls for violence and chaos, using an Occupy Wall Street style call-and-response technique to advocate “burn everything down,” “shut this sh** down,” and “rise the f**k up.”

Here is the video, which has captions so you can follow the “human microphone” shouting.  (100%FedUp has a useful companion commentary to go with it.)

Here, for contrast, is a longer video covering the entire protest sequence, from the more widely-used camera-pointed-at-the-stage perspective.  (It’s worth watching partly for the interpolated tweets from the townhall audience, a veritable pageant of White Guilt.)

If you never thought you’d feel a little twinge of sympathy for O’Malley, see how the incident strikes you.  He starts out gamely beating time to the initial chanting, but ends up looking totally pwned.  (Which is, of course, the point.  Liberaler-than-thou bloggers lit into each other afterward about their disappointment with O’Malley, his fellow designated doofus Bernie Sanders, and each other.  My sympathy for O’Malley is necessarily limited, of course, considering that he’s the former mayor of Baltimore who left significant parts of it in their current shambles.)

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