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For the narcissist-in-chief, it’s very much personal indeed .

netanyahu and obamination

Everything Obama does to advance his marxist agenda, is personal, his radicalism is an extension of his personality, criticize that, and you’re attacking him. It’s pretty much the way most leftists think. It’s why you can’t carry on a conversation with them for very long, they end up sticking fingers in their ears and going bla bla bla while hurling expletives at you.

Our world: This isn’t about Bibi and Obama

netanyahu obama

US President Barack Obama (R) meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House October 1, 2014. (photo credit:REUTERS)

It was obvious the fight over President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran would get very ugly, very quickly. And so it has.

It was obvious that it would be ugly because the fight over Obama’s appeasement policy toward Iran has been going on since he took office six-and-a-half years ago. And it has always been ugly.

Every time Obama has sided with the mullahs against domestic opponents he has played the Jew card in one way or another. He has blown more anti-Semitic dog whistles than many in Washington even realized existed.

Now the stakes are far higher than a mere sanctions bill. Obama has gotten his deal with Iran. And he’ll be damned if he allows it to go down.

So it is open season on Israel and its supporters.

Secretary of State John Kerry made this clear two weeks ago when he said it will be Israel’s fault if the deal goes down. Since the administration threatens that torpedoing the deal will cause war, Kerry is threatening that the administration will blame Israel if war breaks out.

As for Obama, in his conference call with leftist supporters last Thursday, he attacked AIPAC and the other Jewish organizations for daring to lobby Congress to vote against removing US sanctions from Iran and conflated their opposition to the deal with Jewish Republicans’ support for the invasion of Iraq.

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