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What do you expect when you get faux civil rights groups like Nick Low-as you can go-les (”Hate not Hope”) involved? 

MP Ian Austin (Labour): ”Clearly [intended] to provoke a reaction from British Muslims and we must all ensure this does not happen”

Question: Just what ”reaction” are you trying to safeguard against, holding up signs and shouting, or something violent?

NOTE: What’s happening in the UK right now in the Mo-toon debate, is also happening in Finland, the twisting and outright lying of the views of those who are against Islamization and equally destructive multiculturalism. Nick Lowels is as much of a liar as Johan Bäckman is, in the smearing of their political opponents with false charges and the media spreading it far and wide.

Mo cartoon event sparks a war of words

Mo cartoon event sparks a war of words

A war of words has broken out in the UK over a planned exhibition in London of cartoons of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

On the one side is the exhibition’s organiser, Anne Marie Waters, above, and her supporters, and on the other is a far-left outfit called Hope Not Hate, which this week issued a report accusing Waters of  being part of a conspiracy to ignite a civil war in the UK between far-right factions and Muslims.

Nick Lowles

According this Guardian report, Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s Chief Executive, said:

Our concern is that the event is intended to provoke a reaction from British Muslims. It is not about freedom of speech, it is about incitement. The authorities cannot allow this event to go ahead. Communities shouldn’t rise to their bait, we must stand together as a show of strength.

Waters, on Sharia Watch, yesterday described  the Hope Not Hate report as “a little bundle of lies”.

Groups like Hope Not Hate are incredibly sinister and dangerous for quite a few reasons. So utterly convinced are they that their totalitarian vision of the world is what’s best for all of us, they do not do not question the morality of activities they undertake.

Their sole consideration is how on much damage they can inflict on to those who disagree with them. Disagreeing with a leftist vision for the world is an unpardonable sin, as anti-Islamist, communist activist Maryam Namazie knows well.

Waters resigned from the National Secular Society last year when she became a prospective parliamentary candidate for UKIP.

Enter a group of Labour MPs who have called for an investigation into a far-right website – The Gates of Vienna – which has been “heavily” promoting the exhibition, due to take place on September 18 at a central London location (entry fee £35.00).

More here.

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