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As two more sneak into Britain on top of truck passing through the Channel Tunnel.

Another night of chaos at Calais: Migrants cling to the roof of a lorry as it arrives in

Now it’s batons and tear gas in the battle of Calais: French police finally take action to try to stem the flow as migrants storm the Channel Tunnel for a FOURTH night

French police take action in Calais as migrants continue to storm the Channel Tunnel

French police have resorted to using tear gas and batons in a bid to try and control the ongoing situation in Calais, with around 4,000 migrants now having tried to storm the Channel Tunnel. Witnesses said the flare-up between police and migrants was like a mini football riot as police adopted a far more aggressive policy to try to stem the flow of intruders onto the railway tracks. Extra police have been deployed to the area but officers admitted yesterday they are overwhelmed. Police rarely arrest them, as processing the hundreds stopped each night would take too long. Sometimes they are driven to the border with Belgium, but often return soon afterwards to resume their cat-and-mouse games with the police. More here.

NOTE: My father, a US Army Air force bomber gunner during the run up, and during D-Day, bombed the crap out of Calais to throw the Germans off balance. Not saying that we need to go that far, but the military should be manning the borders.

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