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I say no treaty, no agreement, no sanctions lifted until they totally divest of their nuke program.

If that’s too difficult for the two-bit islamonazi regime to swallow, then the parking of warships outside of every port they send their oil to be refined into gasoline is in order. If that’s not enough, then bomb the crap out of all of their nuke facilities and mines waters outside their harbors.

Report: Top French official says if Congress rejects Iran deal, a better deal could be achieved

Kerry and Zarif in Vienna

Secretary Kerry Poses for a Group Photo With Fellow EU, P5+1 Foreign Ministers and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif After Reaching Iran Nuclear Deal. (photo credit:STATE DEPARTMENT PHOTO)

Contrary to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s warnings on the grim consequences that would result if Congress rejects the nuclear deal reached with Iran earlier this month, one senior French security official reportedly thinks that such a move by the US legislature could bring about a better deal.

A report in Bloomberg View details a meeting held earlier this month in Paris between two US lawmakers and Jacque Audibert, the senior diplomatic adviser to French President Francois Hollande.

Early Friday morning Audibert tweeted a denial of the report through the French Embassy in the US Twitter account.

“During the meeting with the members of the US Congress on the 17th of July, I never said or suggested that a no vote from the Congress on the JCPOA might be helpful or lead to a better deal,” he wrote.

“I insisted repeatedly on the fact that the deal itself was the best possible,” he added.

The lawmakers, Democrat Loretta Sanchez and Republican Mike Turner, both members of the House Armed Services Committee, met with the French official in Paris earlier this month to discuss the Iran deal.

According to both lawmakers Audibert expressed support for the deal overall, “but also directly disputed Kerry’s claim that a Congressional rejection of the Iran deal would result in the worst of all worlds, the collapse of sanctions and Iran racing to the bomb without restrictions.”

“He basically said, if Congress votes this down, there will be some saber-rattling and some chaos for a year or two, but in the end nothing will change and Iran will come back to the table to negotiate again and that would be to our advantage,” Sanchez told Josh Rogin of Bloomberg View.

“He thought if the Congress voted it down, that we could get a better deal,” Sanchez added.

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