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This UN hack former Finnish president (socialist) talks as if Finnish women have their uteruses automatically removed after the 1st or 2nd child.

Why is it that our political elite never, ever dare mention to society the need to procreate? I’ll tell you why, out of political expediency and hardened ideology. In order to have a welfare state, everyone (both parents) has to be at work in order to pay for all the utopian social services being offered willy nilly, and of course, since it’s utopian, it can never work.

Add to that the radical feminist input, the attack on the traditional family unit, and government (now become cultural) insistence on everyone working for the state (gee, you get to keep some of your wealth according to how some bureaucrat and temporary politician sees fit) and there you have it, we supposedly don’t have enough Finns to cover the economy. Never mind the fact that all of this socialist planning has created a systemic unemployed class, with the current unemployment figures hovering over 10% (we all know its much higher).

Martti Ahtisaari

Ahtisaari: “Finland won’t survive without foreign labour”

The Nobel laureate and peace negotiator says he is worried about how Finland’s reputation is being hurt by calls to block immigration.

Martti Ahtisaari
Former President Martti Ahtisaari attended a golf competition bearing his name in the northern city of Oulu on 29 July. Image: Yle

Former President Martti Ahtisaari has spoken out strongly in favour of a multicultural Finland.

On a visit to Oulu on Wednesday, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner told Yle that he has been saddened by the domestic debate over immigration, noting that it has harmed Finland’s international reputation.

“I have monitored the debate over immigration with considerable sorrow. Throughout my life, I have always seen myself as a Finn, a Nordic, a European and a world citizen,” he said.

Ahtisaari pointed to calculations that the ageing of Finland’s population will require more workers from abroad.

“People here are getting older. I’m part of that group, too. Unless we want to keep working longer, we won’t survive without foreign labour,” said the 78-year-old former UN envoy. In 2008 Ahtisaari was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his decisive role in mediating peace in places such as Aceh, Namibia, Northern Ireland and the Balkans.

Nordic democracy must be accepted

Ahtisaari expressed concern over how Finland’s reputation internationally is being affected by statements denouncing multiculturalism. The ex-president stressed his faith in an open, international Finland.

“Of course it has an impact, as there have been similar phenomena in various parts of Europe. But it must also be a given that everyone who comes to Finland must accept our Nordic democracy,” he added.

Ahtisaari said he still considers Finland to be an open nation despite the furore in recent days. It followed a social media posting by far-right Finns Party MP Olli Immonen last weekend, who aggressively called for a “fight” against “enemies” who back multiculturalism in Finland.

“We’re clearly on the plus side,” he told Yle. “Each of us has a responsibility to say what kind of country we want to live in. That should not be very difficult.”

On Tuesday evening, more than 15,000 people gathered in Helsinki calling for an open, multicultural Finland. Demonstrations were organised throughout the country, triggered by Immonen’s comments. Representatives of all parties in Parliament – including the Finns Party – spoke at the Helsinki event.

Sources Yle

NOTE: No mention of the Finns Party spokesman being booed off the stage, something that the organizers of the event promised to prevent.

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  1. If you REALLY need labourers – then why not special ‘guest workes’ from right next door – Finno-ugric ‘Russians’ from Karelia and Vyborg – who would be only too happy to work at Finnish wage rates.

    There – was that too hard to grasp?

  2. It is only partially true that an ever expanding welfare state needs an ever expanding client base but to howl about the terrible dying of the paymasters of this welfare state is pure bunk. Take any industry or business you like and look at their labour needs 50 years ago and today. Two thirds of the workers are not needed anymore, in another 50 years it will be half of today’s. So why do we need more people?

    Three reasons. The main one is this ponzi scheme called pensions that our politicians are running. They take our money and say it is to supports us in our old age. Then they take that money and squander it faster than they can take it in. Any insurance company that would behave like that would be shut down immediately and their directors jailed.. Were that money safely invested it would pay today’s pensions today. That money would be able to hire carers from anywhere in the word should they be needed.They wont be needed because when the population goes down the need for government goes down, smaller government, lower taxes, less people, more room and when young couples are not jammed into a tiny unaffordable space they will have bigger families. The most unionized and unproductive sectors of the economy is the state and they will fight tooth and claw to grow their sector and damn the expense.

    The last big reason is our always greedy business, lower population means lower sales, less building, wave that housing bubble goodbye.

    1. You’re right on all points, Dieter.

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