Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism BDS


BDS is in fact a Jew hating movement dressed in “civil rights” rhetoric which mirrors all the other Leftist fruitcake movements that are Orwellian in nature. We live in dangerous times.

There were attempts to force SodaStream to close its West Bank factory.

When it decided to move the production to an Israeli factory for business reasons unrelated to BDS, the BDS movement nonetheless continued to boycott SodaStream — proof positive that the complaints about a factory in the West Bank were just pretext.

The BDS movement in Finland last year was condemning Soda Stream as well, and when I mentioned that in doing so, they are driving a stake into the heart of the Oslo Accords which Soda Stream was fulfilling by making a join Israeli-”Palestinian” enterprise for joint cooperation in developing a positive co-existence. They really didn’t have too much to say about it after that.

Epic House Testimony – BDS in business of “Manipulation, Violence and Destruction”

Posted by    Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 4:00pm

SodaStream CEO: BDS is “an anti-Semitic Israel-hating organization that is using the Palestinians as a proxy”

The Security Subcommittee of The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on July 28, 2015, on The Impact of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement.

According to the House Advisory, the purpose was

  •  To better understand the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, and review the economic impact of the Movement on American and Israeli businesses. 
  • To review how the goals of BDS may or may not be affected by International Trade Law, U.S. federal law, and state law. 
  • To seek to establish the formal position of the Administration with regard to BDS.
  • To review potential actions by the Department of State to maintain free and open trade among the U.S., Europe, and Israel.

The Tower has a write up on the full scope of the hearing. In a later post we will focus on the testimony of Northwestern Univ. Law Professor Eugene Kontorovich, whose lecture on The Legal Case for Israel is a must watch.

Today we focus on the testimony of Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream International.

We previously have featured the success story of SodaStream in hiring Palestinians and bringing Israeli Jews, Arabs and Palestinians together:

More here.

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