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This is a real nightmare. it’s not like they don’t have a ready example in Sweden to take warning from.

Majority receive asylum

Superintendent Sundqvist pointed out that while some applications are successful, in practice even unsuccessful applicants often remain in Finland – if they have come from a country where their security would not be guaranteed.

“So they can’t be deported because of the principle of subsidiary protection or on humanitarian grounds,” Sundqvist observed.

Police: Asylum seeker situation “chaotic”

Finnish police say that the number of asylum seekers entering the country this year has already surpassed the average for previous years. Officials in southwest Finland say that they’ve processed more than 600 asylum applications so far this year, compared to 400 for all of 2014.

Turvapaikanhakija maahanmuuttokeskuksessa
Image: Yle

Police in southwest Finland say they’ve been hard pressed trying to deal with a larger than usual influx of asylum seekers.

“The situation in Turku is quite chaotic. It’s become impossible and all records are being broken,” said Superintendent Stephan Sundqvist of the southwest Finland police district.

Sundqvist explained that as of early July the number of self-proclaimed refugees entering the country has already exceeded the total for last year.

“There’s been a clear acceleration of the pace since spring. At the moment we still can’t estimate whether the number of applicants in Turku has doubled or tripled since last year,” he added.

Official figures show that in 2014, Turku processed some 400 asylum applications. Even before the end of July, officials had received more than 600. Southwest Finland police say that the majority of applicants come from Iraq and Somalia, with others hailing from Iran and North Africa to some extent.

“Many Albanians have also arrived in other parts of Finland,” Sundqvist remarked.

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