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Interview with Nicolai Sennels: “For Freedom”

Interview with Nicolai Sennels: “For Freedom”

The interview was published in Danskeren, a magazine for Den Danske Forening (organisation started by former resistance fighters from the 2nd World Word) (not online):

Interview with Nicolai Sennels: “For Freedom”

Nicolai Sennels became famous when he during the winter stood forth as spokesman for a Danish version of the German Pegida. Harry Winter has talked with him to learn more about Nicolai, Islam, Pegida and For Freedom.

Danskeren: Nicolai, let’s start from the beginning. Did you have a happy childhood?

Nicolai: Yes very. I am gifted with a very harmonious family, which now in our adult lives has developed into friendships. My childhood environment was Leftist and hippie-like. I actually feel that the values I have today is some that I with great thankfulness received from this environment. Values such as freedom to speak against strong or angry people. About women’s equality. And a healthy skepticism towards religion. These are all core values in everything I do against Islam, also in connection with our weekly evening demonstrations For Freedom.

For some reason the values that were once called Leftist, are now categorized as right-wing. I think it is because many think that Islam-criticism has to do with racism and hate. But Islam is not a race. And anyone who has followed me in the debate knows that I am not driven by any kind of anger. We are not hormone-filled young men who are looking for someone to be angry at or channel our frustrations against. We are adult, balanced people who are concerned about the influence Islam has on our society.

And we are concerned that our politicians and media will not take this threat seriously until there are bodies in the streets and the Danes will have to flee their homes and move the children from their schools because Muslim Sharia zones has engulfed their local area. Actually, this is already happening today.

The prisons are full of criminals Muslims, while emergency rooms, psychology clinics and insurance companies take care of their victims. Muslim aggression against non-Muslims is happening on an industrial scale, and it has changed the whole atmosphere of our countries.

And we must act now. Because the next generation will not even know what we have lost.For they will have grown up in a world where it is normal to meet police armed with machine guns on the way to kindergarten or hear news that now some innocent people somewhere in Europe have been killed by jihadists.

Danskeren: You chose to study psychology. Did you have other fields of study under consideration?

Nicolai: No, actually not. I have always thought that mind is the most important. Later, my studies proved to be quite useful, since there has really been a need for someone to explain Islam and Muslims’ aggressive behavior psychologically. As a psychologist, I see all people as full of useful and exciting potentials. But things like fear, anger and ignorance can keep these potentials hidden.

People brought up in a culture that does not give them alternatives to Islam or the Islamic worldview, also have these potentials. Unfortunately, they are caught in a totalitarian system that forces them to treat others badly – according to Sharia – and thus fill their own mind and their own lives with further pain. This should arouse our compassion towards Muslims and a wish to change Islam – or reduce its power.

It is important to understand that people behave the way they feel. If they behave bad, it’s because they feel bad. This does not mean that you can not be strict or use force. But the underlying motivation will be compassion and a desire to exert a minimum of necessary or educational damage.

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