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World’s oldest Koran discovered… in Birmingham

The manuscript had been sitting in the University of Birmingham’s library for almost a century

Fragments of what is thought to be the oldest version of the Koran in the world have been found after it lay unrecognised in a library for 100 years.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham say the fragments are at least 1,370 years old.

Written on sheep or goat skin, the pages back to between AD 568 and 645 with 95.4 per cent accuracy, radiocarbon dating tests have indicated.

Muhammad Afzal, chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, said there were “tears of joy and emotion” in his eyes when he saw the pieces

Radiocarbon dating was used to establish the age of the manuscript, according to the University of Birmingham website.

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  1. I would have shed tears too if I saw the manuscript.
    It is a shame that Mohammed was not drowned at birth.

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