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In light of recent events regarding the dangerous Iranian nuke deal, I would like to ask all those anti-Israel ankle biters out there an important question.

Those of you who regard (wrongly) that Israel is the chief threat in the Middle East, and its nukes pose a major threat to its immediate neighbors (and supposedly a possible catalyst to nuke proliferation in the region), explain to me one thing, ”if that’s so, why is it that the Saudis weren’t interested in nuking up until after Iran started getting dangerously close to achieving its nuclear goals?”

Seems to me that the region’s Arabs really aren’t that afraid of Israel’s military superiority as long as they’re not waging war against it.

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  1. Good question. And we all know the answer. It’s that Israel is NOT a threat to the Middle East at all. In fact, if the Arab countries around us would stop their threats against us, we’d be happy to help them with the agriculture, water and other problems, so that the entire Middle East would bloom and grow the way Israel has!

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