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KELA is the Finnish national social welfare (also reitement) insurance organization, and the minister in question is, Laura Kaarina Räty, Finnish National Coalition Party member. She is the former Minister of Social Affairs and Health.


Belonging to a terrorist group will not stop Kela social aid


The Finns Party MP Mika Raatikainen made ​​a written question to the granting of financial support in society for persons engaged in terrorist groups.

Known to the authorities of about 40 people who have gone to Syria from Finland or elsewhere in the Middle East to join terrorist groups.

– The actual number may be higher, and some of the terrorists probably already returned back to Finland, says Raatikainen.

– I asked Minister Laura Räty what steps the government is taking that taxpayers have to finance in the form of social assistance to activities of the persons who have joined terrorist groups in Syria or elsewhere, and who are known by the authorities.

The Finns funded

Minister’s response was what Raatikainen believes to be scandalous.

– Räty said that the belonging to a terrorist organization in Syria or elsewhere, is not a reason to discontinue the payment of social security benefits granted by the Social Insurance Institution for such activities or accompanying family members residing abroad.

– This Finnish taxpayers are forced to finance terrorist activities. This does not go to my sense of justice, in the least, Raatikainen wonders.

The Finns

NOTE: The Finnish government is in direct violation of UNSCR 1373, member states shall fund or come to aid terror organizations.

3 Responses

  1. why would anyone take the Finns seriously, don’t we remember which side they were on during the second world war

    1. I thought they were trying to be neutral in WW2 weren’t they? If they in any way supported Germany – it is because they had a common enemy – Russia.

      They were always trying to get away from Russia and had major territorial disputes over Karelia. They had their own private war with Russia (i.e. USSR) in 1947 – so they definitely were not pro-Soviet.

  2. “Räty said that the belonging to a terrorist organization in Syria or elsewhere, is not a reason to discontinue the payment of social security benefits”

    She’s an idiot. Every other sane non-islamic country cuts benefits to terrorist organisation members when they travel to islamic shitholes to spill blood..

    If she is so interested in helping them – let her personally give them the money taken out of her fat weekly wage. That will quickly show how willing to help her poor persecuted terrorist friends she really is.

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