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The problem is not insanity, poverty or family problems. The problem is a religion that preaches hate against people of all other faiths and orders its own followers to kill us. People with psycho-social problems who have been fed this religion since birth may be more vulnerable to act according to its God and prophet, but the root cause – the match that lit the fire, the cause without which these people would never have been told that killing is a good thing – is still the religion.

Psychologist: poor, insane Muslim terrorists with family problems are still Muslim terrorists

Victims of “mentally ill” car jihad terrorist, December 2014

In connection with at least three Muslim terror attacks (one, two, three) this year, police were able, almost on the spot, to diagnose the attacker as suffering from mental illness. It always amazes me how authorities are able, in a surprisingly short time, to diagnose somebody. Being an experienced psychologist myself, I know that it usually takes hours, and most often days, weeks or even months, to correctly diagnose a person.

For years, we have seen how media, politicians and authorities downplay the very real threat of Islamic terrorism again and again, and many think that by blaming psychosocial problems, the police try to exempt Islam and Muslim immigration from blame, and calm the public by not categorizing attacks as “terrorism.” Instead, they blame insanity, poverty (as when US Secretary of State John Kerry concluded that lack of money “in many cases is the root cause of terrorism“) or family problems (as in the case of the Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, in which authorities very quickly sent out information about Abdulazeez’ divorce). But there are many poor people in this world. There are many people with mental problems, and people with family problems. So why is it that only Muslims, with or without the above mentioned problems, commit acts of terror?

Having worked with criminal Muslims (see my article: “Report from the therapy room: Why are Muslims more violent and criminal?”) and done extensive psychological analysis of Islam’s texts for years, my take is that the enormous amounts of hate speech in the Quran (Allah’s revelations through the angel Gabriel to Muhammad) and the Hadiths (Muhammad’s equally holy words and deeds) function as propaganda that makes the psychological step to follow these same books’ hundreds of orders for Muslims to kill non-Muslims shorter and easier – no matter if you are sane, rich and have a happy family, or not.

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