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What a jackass.

Ron Paul (like a broken clock) will be right on some economic issues and the aspects of the bureaucratic administrative state, but he’s a raving fruit loop on a whole other range issues that renders him to the fringe of the fringe.

Ron Paul: “Zionism Has Played A Role In Our Post-9/11 March Toward Empire”

“The U.S. Empire received a big boost from the 9/11 attack.”


Former Rep. Ron Paul, the father of presidential candidate Rand Paul and past two-time candidate for the Republican nomination himself, writes in his new book that he believes “Zionism has played a role in our post-9/11 march toward empire.”

Paul’s book, Swords into Plowshares: A Life in Wartime and a Future of Peace and Prosperity, was released last Friday.

“Zionism has played a role in our post-9/11 march toward empire, and its influence has encouraged extreme interference in the Middle East,” Paul writes in a chapter entitled “Making America Safe for Empire,” under the sub-chapter, “Tyranny takes hold.”

Paul was writing about how “theocracy has always been abused,” in the paragraph preceding his comments on Zionism.

Here’s the full paragraph:

Americans generally see spiritual safety as being in the realm of religion and theology and political philosophy as being determined by the professors and others who dwell on esoteric ideas. There is theocracy when the theologians gain control of the state to offer salvation and eternal life through using force to impose their will and enforce their rules. Theocracy has always been abused. The Founders feared it and worked hard to prevent it. Supporters of radical Islam frequently endorse a theocratic system. Aggressive Christian Zionists also like to use the state to promote their theological beliefs, especially in foreign policy and with social gospel teachings. Zionism has played a role in our post-9/11 march toward empire, and its influence has encouraged extreme interference in the Middle East.

More here. H/T: Weasel Zippers

NOTE: The jackass fails to realize that Zionism is nothing more than Jewish self determination on a tiny plot of land in the Middle East, as opposed to the Muslim/Islamic world which is an aggressive totalitarian proselyting ideology with a manifest destiny agenda. If he’s looking for an ax to grind, he should focus his attention on the dangerous latter, not the ”just leave us the hell alone, and let us just get on with our lives” former.

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  1. Your NOTE: says it all.
    Islam is a way more dangerous entity than Israel.

    1. Israel isn’t dangerous at all, you’ll have to ask yourself why the Saudis weren’t interested in nuking up until after Iran started getting close to achieving the bomb.

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