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Would be great to see an exposé on US Democrat affiliations with the Nazis prior to WWII as well.

Now the Royal family faces TV ‘Nazi’ exposé: As Palace considers legal action over ‘Hitler salute’ photos, Channel 4 documentary is set to reopen a painful chapter of Duke’s family history

Royals face TV 'Nazi exposure' as palace considers legal action over 'Hitler salute'

An explosive Channel 4 documentary is set to reveal details of how Prince Philip’s sister met (pictured left, sitting opposite Hitler) and admired Adolf Hitler, whom she described as a ‘charming and seemingly modest man’. Three of his sisters were married to senior Nazi officers – one a colonel in the SS – and when Philip attended a family funeral in Germany in 1937 he was confronted by crowds giving the Heil Hitler salute (right). The documentary includes previously unseen extracts from a private memoir in which one sister talks of her early admiration for Hitler. It also comes amid the turmoil caused by the publication of leaked footage showing the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a child (inset). More here.

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