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You can never negotiate with genocidal fanatics, especially with an appeasement mindset, you’ll always be taken to the cleaners.

This is the exact same mindset at play that pressures Israel to ”make peace” with the islamonazi paleostinians. What Obama has done with Iran is exactly what he wants Israel to do, but the latter understands the dynamics at work and rejects any kind of capitulation, the stakes are way too high for such fanciful (and dangerous) thinking.

Expert: The Americans Surrendered to Iran

Dr. Harold Rhode of Ariel University says there were never any real negotiations between Iran and the West. Rather, the Americans gave in.

By Shimon Cohen

First Publish: 7/20/2015, 12:14 AM
Dr. Harold Rhode

Dr. Harold Rhode
Eliran Aharon

Dr. Harold Rhode, a former analyst for the Pentagon on the Middle East and today a lecturer at the Ariel University in Samaria, on Sunday toldArutz Sheva that the deal between Iran and the West was in fact an American concession to Iran.

“There were no negotiations, only an American concession to Iran,” said Rhode, who studied the Persian language in Mashhad, Iran during the revolution. “The Iranians did not give up anything,” added Rhode.

“For the Iranians, the agreement is a step along the way. The negotiations start with the agreement,” he continued, noting he wrote a study for the United States administration about how Iran holds negotiations.

“A written agreement is worth nothing [for Iran],” Rhode said. “That’s how Iranian culture has been for more than 2,500 years. They know how to play the game well. Their goal is to defeat the other side. There is no compromise, nothing. The goal is that the other side will bow its head, and that’s what happened.”

Referring to remarks over the weekend by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who declared that his country will achieve nuclear weapons with or without the deal and that its attitude towards the Americans will not change, Rhode said Khamenei is a leader who strengthens his position by showing the strength of his country to his people.

“The people understand that the regime is strong and they will not rise up against the regime because the Americans gave in to the regime,” he said, adding that the American capitulation not only would not bring about another revolution in Iran but, in fact, makes it less likely.

“I’m not a prophet. You never know what will happen in ten years, but we know that the Iranians are strong now and the Middle East is a dangerous place. There is no such thing as goodwill, not in Turkish and not in Persian,” said Rhode.

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