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I met him once, told him that the EU is democratic despotism, we need out of it, he replied that he was against joining the EU from the very beginning, he was and I wish him success in this latest move in getting Finland out of the Euro. (and hopefully out of the EU entirely).

NOTE: If you do not control your borders and currency (monetary policy), you’re not a sovereign nation. Here’s the initiative link left out of the YLE article.

MEP’s Eurozone citizens’ initiative gaining ground

Member of the European Parliament and long-time politician Paavo Väyrynen says he wants a citizens’ initiative to determine whether Finland wants to remain part of the Eurozone.

Paavo Väyrynen
Veteran politician Paavo Väyrynen, whose petition is gathering support and fast. Image: Mikko Stig / Lehtikuva

Finnish veteran politician Paavo Väyrynen of the Centre Party has established a citizens’ initiative petition calling for a referendum in Finland on the country remaining in the Eurozone, following the touch-and-go Grexit situation.

In a single day the petition has gathered more than 15,000 signatories who are all in favour of voting on whether Finland should retain the euro as its currency.

If Väyrynen’s appeal for a referendum gains at least 50,000 signatures, the motion would have to be addressed in Parliament under Finnish law. So far the only successful citizens’ initiative in Finland has been the same sex marriage act, which President Niinistö passed in February.

Väyrynen says that, based on his 15 years of political experience, Finland joining the euro was a mistake that must be corrected.

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