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Actually they should have fears over the Swedish state allowing people (women included) into the country that would want to join head chopping jihadis.


Fresh fears over Swedish women joining Isis

Fresh fears over Swedish women joining Isis

A woman in Raqqa, Syria, wearing a vest showing a pro-Isis slogan. Photo released in April 2015 by TT/AP

Published: 17 Jul 2015 08:57 GMT+02:00

Women are increasingly leaving one of the safest countries in the world to work with extremist groups such as Isis (also known as the Islamic State) in Syria and the wider region, a spokesperson Säpo told Sveriges Radio programme Ekot on Friday.

Sweden’s Security Service has previously suggested that up to 300 people from Sweden are members of al-Qaeda groups and said that there are 150 confirmed cases of Swedes travelling to the Middle East to work alongside the extremists.

Now it has revealed that between 30 and 40 of those confirmed cases are women who are mostly “involved in logistics and support activities”.

In an email to Sveriges Radio, an unnamed spokesperson for Säpo told journalists that it was “serious and worrying” that women were “travelling to a war zone and joining violent Islamist groups” but it said it had not received any confirmation that they had been involved in any fighting or combat training.

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