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This woman has done way too much promotion of Islam within the UK to be considered a real friend of Western civil societies. She’s the type of what can be found within the US, like a Zuhdi Jasser, a cultural Muslim and/or not raised on 101 islam, and is abhorred over certain muslim practices and then shocked when muslim communities regard any criticism of these practices as un-islamic and then deemed an islamofauxbe.

Brave woman who dares to shatter a toxic taboo: British Pakistanis are THIRTEEN times more likely to have disabled children because of marriage among relatives

Baroness Flather, Britain's first Asian woman peer speaks out against marriage among close relatives

  • Baroness Flather, Britain’s first Asian woman peer speaks out 
  • Confronts outdated, unBritish custom within some Muslim communities
  • Marriage among close relatives, especially first cousins, still happens
  • Suggests steps like education and awareness-raising campaigns 
  • Couples proposing first-cousin marriage could undergo genetic screening

Britain can rightly take pride in its tolerant outlook. Indeed, it is this attitude that has helped to build our remarkably successful multi-ethnic society, even as immigration has reached unprecedented levels.

But there is a danger that such tolerance sometimes degenerates into a cowardly reluctance to tackle damaging social practices within certain ethnic minorities. In political circles, the fear of accusations of racial prejudice can create a climate of denial, where hard realities are ignored and difficult truths become unsayable.

That is certainly what happened over the disgraceful sex-grooming scandal in Rotherham, in which the civic authorities, including the police and social services, tried to cover up the systematic abuse of more than 1,400 vulnerable girls by predatory gangs of Pakistani heritage men.

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  1. There was an article on this topic a whle back. 36% of all child genetic defects in the UK come from Pakistania muslims. They are simply copying the “prefect example” of Mohammed who married his own cousin. Obviously “Allah” is an idiot when he told us all how good an example Mohammed was.

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