Yeah, but the state is busy importing tens of thousands of illiterates from the islamic world, so forget about enticing professionals to come to live in the new Swedish ”utopia”. 

Sweden is imploding, no matter what they do, they cannot escape the reality of what they’ve done to themselves.

‘Immigrants could be Sweden’s top resource’

'Immigrants could be Sweden's top resource'

Left, Malmö in southern Sweden, and right, workers in tech-hub region Silicon Valley. Photos: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu and Johan Nilsson/TT

With a large population of educated immigrants, Malmö could become Europe’s Silicon Valley – but only if Sweden opens up its jobs market to foreign-born professionals, writes integration expert Sylvia Schwaag Serger. READ

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  1. If they are such a precious ressource export them as you used to do with your cars and planes.

  2. “With a large population of educated immigrants, Malmö could become Europe’s Silicon Valley”

    but for far less cost:

    “With a large population of educated Swedes, Danes and Norwegians already speaking virtually the same language and all having the same expectations of civil behaviour between citizens and similar cultural backgrounds, Malmö could become Europe’s Silicon Valley”

    Why is the obvious not put forward? Immigrants from non-European cultures are a drain to economies and cultures – not a plus.

  3. Swedish liberal elites know it all, and are unwilling to listen to any input about their multicultural experiment.

    If it works they may end up with Europe’s Silicon Valley. If it does not work they most likely will destroy Sweden.

    It sure seems like a foolish gamble too me. Even if it works, what is the advantage of a multicultural Sweden. It looked like the old Sweden was doing OK before the multi-culti experiment.

    The early results of the experiment are in, and they do not look too good. Rapes, muggings, vandalism, no go-zones, and this in Malmo alone.

    The leaders of North Korea also hang on to their dream beyond all hope. The end of North Korea is inevitable. The multi-culti experiment is turning out to be one of the biggest failures in the history of Sweden. And that’s only if Sweden is lucky enough to survive.

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