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  1. Six Signs Eric Allen Bell is not part of the Counter Jihad Movement

    1. Wants to remove Christians from the movement
    2. Believes Jews control America
    3. Thinks Pamela Geller “hurts” the movement
    4. Thinks Spencer, and Geller are tools of the Religious Right
    5. Lies to, and manipulates the CJM
    6. Is pretending to run a business, has a money tree, and is politically active

    These are warning signs of someone who is here to cause trouble.

  2. I wish to respond to the allegations about me, made in the comment above:

    1 – I do NOT wish to expel Christians from the Counter Jihad Movement. This statement is 100 percent untrue.

    2 – I do NOT believe Jews control America. This statement is 100 percent untrue.

    3 – I have the utmost respect and admiration for Pamela Geller, her leadership, her courage and the very important work she is doing to expose Islam.

    4 – I am no fan of the Religious Right. However, if they want to help us fight Islamic tyranny, I will fight with them, shoulder to shoulder.

    5 – Point number 5 above does not require a response. My actions speak for themselves.

    6 – My business is my business. I do not accept donations for my work in Counter Jihad. I am self supporting. That said, I have no issue with those who do solicit donations so that they may continue with the fight. In fact, I do from time to time donate to many of those people and entities.

    1. Eric, I thought that i had already deleted that comment, my bad. Since you already responded to it, thereby bringing it to my attention once again, I’ll leave it up as proof of your beliefs against this kind of smear bullcrap (that shouldn’t have been up in the first place, I must have had it on hold to respond to or to deal with, and it inadvertently was posted. Once again, my bad.

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