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Islam 101’ers just being islam 101’ers.

Because once you’ve reduced a people to sub-human status, any atrocity imaginable can be used against them.

ISIL blows up a child to teach its members about explosive booby-trapping

An Iraqi displaced girl file-photo

The ISIL Takfiri terrorist group has exploded an infant keeping in mind the end goal to show its individuals the booby-trapping systems amid a preparation mission.

They “brought an infant, the child of a non military personnel who was executed a couple of weeks ago… in one of [their] preparing camps close Sharqat, northern Salahuddin… booby-trapped and exploded the youngster before many ISIL militants by a remote,” Sadiq al-Husseini, director of the security board in Diyala provincial council, was cited as saying by Iraqi News Agency on Sunday.

It was a preparation mission for ISIL individuals to take in the booby-trapping components, said Husseini, including that the terrorist group “does not like the most fundamental human qualities.”

The northern and western parts of Iraq have been tormented by brutality since the time that Takfiri ISIL activists started their walk through the Iraqi domain in June 2014.

The terrorist gathering has picked up reputation for its barbarity, grievous abominations, and offensive acts. The ISIL aggressors have been blamed for perpetrating gross human rights infringement and atrocities in zones they control in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

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  1. Someone wrote that this example of ISIS barbarism showed that they were worse than the Nazis, Mao, Pol Pot and Ghengis Khan put together.

    I disagree. Back in his days, Ghengis Khan did do stuff like this – and worse. His grandson – Kublai Khan – took up a religion that suited them well – islam . They became the great Khans of the islamic world – so that now Khan is a very widespread muslim surname especially in pakistan.

    1. MWKI, excellent observation, islam takes the worst of humanity and codifies it into law.

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