Amnesty International Lying Bastards Lying Socialist Bastards


H/T: Gaia

Amnesty caught red-handed using a faked video as evidence!

Having spent thousands of $$$ and many months to produce a “Forensic Platform” about Gaza to prove that Israel was guilty of war crimes during the 2014 Gaza conflict, it has all gone wrong when the very expensive video was exposed to have been faked by Amnesty themselves!

A credibility crisis is on the scale of when their former boss was fired and asked for over half a million in overtime and her secretary did the same!

Watch the original and copy it before it disappears!

Amnesty has managed to edit a new version but stayed silent for several days since being exposed.

Even the Palestinian organization they got the video from freely admits that Amnesty have manipulated the stock footage they bought from them!

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  1. Are you really saying, that Israel wasn’t guilty of war crimes in 2014?

    1. Exactly that. Any casualties that resulted from the hostilities are fully the blame of the islamonazis of hamas.

  2. If my neighbour kept sending rockets over my fence I would first ask him to stop then when he did not cease and desist then I would annihilate him.
    Israel are in the right.

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