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I am not a Trump fan, he’s been way too ”all-over-the-political-map” for me, but one thing he’s done, is to ignite a firestorm issue that seems a no-brainer to most rational people, end illegal migration, build a proper fence on the border and man it. It’s a shame other credible conservatives haven’t beaten him to the gate with this simple truth.

Phoenix: Trump mania forces rally to move to bigger venue

Credit: APDonald Trump may not be my choice for the Republican nomination, but he’s garnering tremendous interest right now with his anti-illegal theme.

The latest news is that the venue for his rally in Phoenix on Saturday, 11 July, has been moved to the Phoenix Convention Center, “to accommodate the thousands of people expected to attend.”  According to Vocativ, a “scalping frenzy” erupted for access to the rally, which will also feature Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Tickets to the nominally free event have been going for $50 on Craigslist.  (H/t: Breitbart.)

Trump is also reported to be forming a South Carolina Steering Committee, indicating an expectation of staying power in the primaries next year.

His recent surge in national polling undoubtedly has something to do with that.  As Howard Portnoy reported this morning, Trump topped a new Economist/YouGov poll, pulling 15% among registered Republicans, to Jeb Bush’s 12%.

There’s really no logical alternative to recognizing that Trump has struck a nerve with his theme of decrying the influx of illegals into the country.  That’s what he’s been in the news for, over the last couple of weeks.  If he has talked about anything else, the average voter doesn’t know about it.  The surge for Trump is occurring because his message on illegals resonates with the voters.

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