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  1. Everything that Islam touches it degrades.

    Fasting – In all religions fasting is genuine fasting, not just not eating in the day, then pigging out in the night.

    2. Fasting in all other religions is a period of reflection and meditation. For Muslims, fasting is salivating at the prospect of huge amounts of food in a few hours, and planning mass murders.

    3. Prayer – In all religions, prayer is thought full communication with a diety. In Islam, prayer is a repetitive set of exercises in accordance to repetitiveness phrases.

    4. Scholarship/ scholar – In all cultures, scholarship in a subject means critical expertise of the subject. Islamic “scholars” cannot criticise the koran, only memorise it, thus degrading the word scholar/scholarship. Worse – Taqqiya, as well as violence is adopted to prevent any real scholarship of the koran by outsiders.

    5. In all religions bar Islam, after Saturday or Sunday prayers, the congregation comes out peacefully with peace in their hearts and minds. In Islam, the period after friday prayers, is the most dangerous time. The congregation comes out of the mosque with murder in their hearts and minds. ( Yesterday was Friday)

    6. Likewise honour and shame.

    The fall of people who have adopted Islam, is marked throughout the world since the very beginning that this pestilence spread. It turned civilised people into barbarians – people who murdered their own kith and kin, and their own culture for a barbaric Arab tribal culture suited to a wandering desert tribe

    But our idiot politicians thought that this murderous tribal ideology would just be the sort spice that would enrich our civilisation. The consequence is that we are looking at a civil war of the like of Bosnia or worse.

  2. All Muslim immigration must be banned by every non-Muslim country or no civilized culture will survive:

    Bill Warner of Political Islam

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