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We write about it, document it and spread word the best we can, but until a critical mass rises up and says enough, the damage our politicians, bureaucracy, media and academy are doing, will unfortunately continue.

NOTE: Western civilization is under immense attack by both the Left and the creature they’ve allowed in under the guise of ”multi-cultism” (Islam). Both are destructive and need to be eradicated from the center of what’s deemed normal and conducive to the civil society.

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The Islamization of Europe: No, I Do Not Have Visions

by Michael Ley
June 19, 2015

Orthodox and radical forms of Islam are a scourge of humanity. The historian Egon Flaig calls sharia Islam “the greatest danger to democracy and human rights in the 21st century.” Only an Islam without sharia is compatible with human rights. But this vision is pie-in-the-sky. Reality looks different.

The Islamization of Europe is the most visible change in most European societies. There is a parting of the ways concerning this development. Liberal and educated citizens harbor great misgivings at the increasing influence of conservative and radical Islam, and regard the future of the continent with pessimism. Their so-called progressive opponents interpret Islamization as a cultural enrichment and the conquering of the obsolete national state. The battle of the leading thinkers of a radical, post-national Europe is applicable to every national identity. Autochthon Europeans are apparently expected to forgo every national, cultural and religious identity, as well as any traditional sexual identity.

Well-intentioned compatriots try to find a mediating position, by judiciously weighing the arguments from contending cultural warriors and regretfully taking notice of the non-integration of many Muslim immigrants, but simultaneously pointing out the presumptive traditions of an Islam that is open to the world, and is expected to undergo a post-modern renaissance. Christians offer a dialogue of religions, setting pre-judgments aside and admitting their shame at the crusades of an imperial Christianity. Greenies praise their Muslim greengrocers as icons of successful integration. Feminists do not want to talk about the machismo of young, immigrant, Arab males. Purchased brides and honor killings are not among the favored subjects in their critique of society. Educational researchers brag that the number of Muslim graduates is increasing, while their critics point to the rising number of crimes committed by Islamic immigrants.

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