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Bogus equivocation.

There is no ”white manifesto” that the white race adheres to that calls for the subjugation of all other peoples in the world, even to the point of extermination. Islam has canonical books that do exactly that, with huge numbers of adherents believing in every word.

NOTE: The Christian relatives of the slain church members of the South Carolina parish, forgave the murderer, which is something lacking (very noticeably) in the islamic world.

I don’t hear WHITE people apologising for the South Carolina killings: Labour MP slams Cameron over claim Muslims ‘quietly condone’ terror

  • Labour’s Yasmin Qureshi attacks David Cameron for extremism speech
  • Prime Minister said too many UK Muslims ‘quietly condone’ terrorism
  • But Mrs Qureshi said she was fed up with having to say sorry for terrorism
  • Bolton MP said white people not held responsible for race-hate killings

An Asian MP has slammed David Cameron for claiming Muslims ‘quietly condone’ terrorism – insisting the ‘white population’ is never asked to apologise for atrocities carried out by racists.

Labour’s Yasmin Qureshi said she was fed up with having to say sorry for terrorist attacks carried out by Islamist fanatics.

The Bolton MP said white people were not asked to say sorry for the racist slaughter of nine black people in a church by a white man in South Carolina yesterday.

Mrs Quereshi’s controversial intervention came after the Prime Minister used a speech in Slovakia to demand Muslim families speak out against the ‘poisonous ideology’ driving hundreds of young people to join ISIS.

He blamed support for the fanatical organisation on ‘people who hold some of these views who don’t go as far as advocating violence, but who do buy into some of these prejudices, giving the extreme Islamist narrative weight’.

But Mrs Qureshi accused the Prime Minister of confusing religious conservatism with the support for extremism.

She told Radio 4’s The World at One: ‘I speak to my constituents who are very religious and whenever an incident happens they are shaking their heads in disgust and they’re actually saying ‘Our religion is being maligned’.’

She said that Muslims were tired of constantly being called on to apologise for the actions of extremists.

‘It feels absolutely awful. In Charleston you had a white man who went and killed nine black people in a church. I don’t hear anybody saying that the whole of the white population has to apologise for the action of one white man.

‘So why is everyone else [having to apologise].’ She added: ‘To make the comparison he has done the way he has done, it is not only unhelpful but actually wrong.’

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  1. Just because I have blood on my hands and the murder weapon belongs to me doesn’t make me a killer, right?
    Now look at that: another Paki turd who managed to settle behind enemy lines, in the UK, where they give her a soapbox for Mohammedan agitprop. Note that this former Hindu adopted the name ‘Qureishi’, from the Arab tribe of the Qureish, Muhammad’s tribe, to which she claims (how so?) lineage. It is too absurd for words. And she says she is ‘fed up’, fed up not of Mohammedan terror and mischief, she is fed up for having her nose rubbed in it. Enough already! Ship them out and back, all of them.

  2. A case of disjointed logic.
    What colour eyes did the killer have? Were they blue? If so, why don’t we hear about people with blue eyes apologising for the murder?
    How tall was the killer? Was he average height? If so why don’t we hear about people of average height apologising for the murders?
    There is no connection between the killers skin colour and the murders as far as we know.
    People are assuming that because the killer was White and the victims were Black then it must be racial.
    Maybe the murderer just wanted to kill Christians!!!

    With Islam it’s different because Muslim scriptures preach violence. Often Muslims commit murder explicitly in the name of their religion! As far as I am aware the Carolina murderer did not claim a racial motive.

    There is a lack of Common Sense in the World today.

  3. I am white. I do not have a holy book (the Quran) which tells the believers to “kill them where you find them” and to “cut off hands and feet” and “crucify them”. I do NOT use the Quran as a guide in my life. The Quran is Mein Kampf written in Arabic.

  4. 1. Muslims can be white

    2. “White people” don’t share the killers belief system and consider the manifesto of the ideology that motivated him holy. Whereas all Muslims consider the scripture that motivates Jihadists holy. Those Jihadists are not apostates of Islam and Al Azhar University refused to rule ISIS unislamic for instance.

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