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It’s a ”gotcha” moment.

Personally, I don’t support the idea of politicians associating with known national socialists (fascists/nazis), anymore than I am of their associating with international socialists (marxists). That said, here’s a pic from Immonen’s facebook page of the former Finnish president (SDP) with known neo-nazi, Mark Parland. No idea what was behind the meeting however.

If they treated the marxists in the same way as they do the fascists then maybe the media would have a higher horse to ride on, but they don’t, and so I won’t pile on the Finns MP for his lack of better judgement.

Honoring Finnish patriot, Eugen Schauman ”(10 May 1875 in Kharkiv, Russian Empire – 16 June 1904 in Helsinki, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire) a Finnish nationalist and nobleman who assassinated the Governor-General Nikolai Ivanovich Bobrikov”, while Finland was still a Grand Duchy of Czarist Russia.

Finns Party MP given “stern words” for posing with extreme right group

Kansanedustaja Sampo Terho.

The chair of the Finns Party parliamentary group, Sampo Terho, tells Yle he has cautioned fellow MP Olli Immonen for posting a photograph showing himself among a group of far-right national socialists. But Terho insists he has no control over the affiliations of his party’s MPs.

(FM: YLE, They changed the title to read Nazis instead of ”extreme right group”)

Also, here’s a pic of socialist Greens MP Jani Toivola with Finnish filth blogger, Seppo Lehto. Obviously he has no probs with being in the same pic and company with a guy who writes disgusting things about Blacks.

Olli Immonen's photo.

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