It’s called self preservation.

It’s the price paid for not having an ”Ellis Island” to handle disease carrying migrants. The US is facing the same challenges because they refuse to learn from past experiences, thanks to the Left and weak-in-the-knees GOP RINO politicians.

Bus drivers ‘not racist’ for refusing immigrants

Bus drivers 'not racist' for refusing immigrants

A migrant from Eritrea waits at Milan’s central train station. Photo: Olivier Morin/AFP

Published: 18 Jun 2015 12:52 GMT+02:00

In a letter to the Milan’s transport authority (Atm), the drivers said they were concerned about the health risks posed from transporting migrants from the city’s central station to accommodation centres.

In the letter, the bus drivers were quick to deny any suggestions of racism stating: “It’s not racism. The correct sanitation measures are not in place, neither for workers or passengers.” Corriere Quotidiano reported.

Hundreds of migrants have arrived in Milan in recent weeks, and the letter comes after migrants set up makeshift camps in Milan’s Central station while they waited for trains to Northern Europe last week.

Such makeshift camps prompted panic among citizens after medical analysis showed that many of the refugees were suffering from the highly contagious skin condition scabies.

“In ten lines [the letter] sums up the decision: bus drivers are refusing to transport refugees from the central train station to accommodation centers,” La Repubblica said.

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