Islam in Finland


An insult that any muslim couldn’t care less about.

He then spins the banner in a traditional muslim way, then feigns respect towards the church located right next to the mosque. Finns MP, Simon Elo says on Facebook that:

”Roihuvuori  mosque has an interesting history. In 2011, the mosque invited to Finland islam hardliner Khalid Yasin and in 2013 a stone was thrown at the Roihuvuori church window: “Dressed in a Muslim outfit a man broke the church windows and threw a stone at the Helsinki church employees Roihuvuori Tuesday evening, just before the YLE Islam night began. In addition to the stone throwing the man shouted threats in front of the Church.

“JESUS ​​WAS A MUSLIM” -banner appeared on the wall of the mosque in eastern Helsinki – Vicar, “the statement is pretty clear,”

"These are the basic teachings of Islam.  They are not directed to a particular party, but rather just to all people, "Imam explained IS a Roihuvuori mosque sheeting.

“These are the basic teachings of Islam. They are not directed to a particular party, but rather just to all people, “Imam explained by IS. Roihuvuori a mosque sheeting (PHOTO: Simo Holo

Passers-by may have had to rub their eyes at the Helsinki Roihuvuori mall. Above the Roihuvuori mosque appeared a huge banner, which read with the text in capital letters  ‘JESUS ​​WAS A MUSLIM “.

It was not the only text on the banner, it included “Islam is the only true religion.” The spokesman for the mosque Imam Hamza Peltola says that banner is intended to bring the teachings of Islam. – We have experienced that many people do not know Islam very much and would like to get to know it more. These are the key things that we wanted to raise. It is widely believed that Jesus was a Jew. Peltola wants to explain to the  banner’s assertion that Jesus was a Muslim. Peltola says that the word Islam in Arabic means “the will of the one God, to surrender and subordination.”

The word Muslim again goes back to the same word, and it means “one who submits to the will of the one God.” – We believe that Jesus, peace be upon him, was one of the prophets of God. He was resigned to the will of God, when we followed His will and regulations. All who submit to the will of God are Muslims.

Peltola says that Muslims do not believe that Islam should be a new religion, but it is the same religion, God has conveyed to mankind through various prophets. – These prophets led people to believe in God and submit to His will. The banner has at the same corner, which is located near Roihuvuori church. Peltola says that the bannerer is by no means directed deliberately towards the church. – These are the basic tenets of Islam. They are not directed to a particular party, but rather just to all people.

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  1. Jesus was a muslim?
    Really? So Jesus at some stage recited the so-called ‘Shehada’ which all muslims muist recite in order to be called muslims. The ‘shehada’ (falsely) states that mohammed was the last prophet.

    Really?? Jesus said that mohammed was the last prophet more than 700 years before mohammed was spawned??

    LOL. Muslims – so stupid, so funny,

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