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Anyone else tired of bending over backwards to these supremacist ingrates?

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UK waterpark bans bikinis, orders visitors to wear ‘Islamically appropriate’ clothes

waterworld“WaterWorld owner Mo Chaudry said: ‘I’m astonished that we have been targeted. We feel we’ve been victimised for offering something that we feel there is a demand for.’” Mo is right. There is a demand for such things in Sharia Britain. He shoudn’t be penalized. Those who should be penalized are the supine dhimmi authorities who have made modern Britain into a place where Sharia sex segregation sells.

“UK waterpark bans bikinis and orders visitors to wear ‘Islamically appropriate’ clothes,” by Scott Campbell, Sunday Express, June 14, 2015:

WaterWorld in Stoke-on-Trent plans to black out windows and provide a prayer room during a women-only night aimed at Muslims.

Only female lifeguards will patrol the park during the event, which has triggered a flood of complaints.

Staff will also “guard” the front entrance to “make sure that no males enter the facility”.

Conservative MP Philip Hollobone said: ‘I imagine there would be a lot of outrage if the boot was on the other foot and swimmers were told they had to dress appropriately in respect of Christians. I don’t see how this is different.”

More here at Jihad Watch.

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